• Network Example from PL+S 2015 with NEW MADI M12

2015 05 08 Network Example 2

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  •  Optocore Fibre RIng

Network Example

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Past Future Past

  • Open standards
  • 3rd party products
  • Different signals – audio, video, intercom, data, sync
  • Native fiber protocol
  • The highest flexibility and scalability


  •  fiber-based transport platform
  • longest distances between the locations
  • highest channel count
  • point-to-point, star or ring topology
  • hum-free environment
  • light weight
  • low cabling cost


  • 1024 inpus and unlimited outputs non-blocking matrix
  • single-channel routing
  • decentralized topology
  • matrix stored on each device independently
  • multiple different I/O formats: MADI, AES/EBU, analog, intercom
  • control from software or 3rd party equipment


  • integration of audio, video, intercom, sync, serial and Ethernet data
  • simple integration with the Open Standards and 3rd party products
  • multiple technology partners
  • preamp control from 90% of digital consoles – one stagebox for multiple different desks


  • redundant fiber protocol
  • redundant PSU
  • redundant sync operation – Word Clock and Video Sync
  • extremely fast, non-audible recovery after failure

State of art products

  • designed, manufactured and tested in Germany
  • over 20 years of experience with fiber technology and audio networks
  • network invented for professional audio and video environments
  • fixed lowest latency on the market: 0,042 ms
  • low power consumption
  • fan-less operation
  • large product portfolio with MADI, AES/EBU, INTERCOM and ANALOG interfaces

Daisy Chain Daisy Chain Daisy Chain Daisy Chain

Optocore has been developing fiber network tailored for low-latency audio distribution since almost 30 years. The whole range of network products can be connected in point-to-point, daisy chain, star or ring topology providing distributed matrix for audio and data, with redundant loop being the main technology core. Each fiber network product provides different audio connectivity, such as microphone inputs, line inputs, line outputs, AES/EBU or MADI. Once connected - any input signal can be mapped to multiple outputs in different formats. Together with audio Optocore fiber network transport Ethernet as well as serial data and Word Clock.