Over the past two decades OPTOCORE has been the most prominent provider of time critical, redundant, audio, video and control infrastructure. OPTOCORE networks are used in a wide variety of environments, including opening and closing ceremonies of the world‘s most prominent events, as well as an alternative to copper infrastructures in OB vans, stadiums, studios and theatres. OPTOCORE systems scale down to point to point portable stageboxes with mixing console integration.

OPTOCORE is based on the open AES3 and AES10 (MADI) standards, providing transport, routing, format conversion as well as distribution of audio, video and control data with full management and diagnostic capabilities.

Development and manufacturing
All technologies and products are developed and maintained by an inhouse R&D team. The R&D department strives for efficient and elegant design of hardware, software and firmware. Be that in use of the planets resources, energy efficiency or coding. All assembly, testing and burn-in of our products is performed at our manufacturing base in Munich, Germany.

Education and training
OPTOCORE has a deep commitment to training and education. OPTOCORE offers a series of training seminars to educate the industry about OPTOCORE network design and operation, digital audio and to give an introduction to the use of optical fibre cables as an interconnect. OPTOCORE Certification Training (OCT) seminars are hosted regularly around the world.

OPTOCORE Certification Training (OCT) is eligible for InfoComm CTS renewal units.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with best-in-class products at competitive prices, as well as expert technical support.

OPTOCORE is, and will be, an independent company that embraces open standards.

1993 – Optocore Technology Patent
1996 – Release of the first OPTOCORE products
2000 – Optocore becomes a network with digital connectivity
2002 – Optocore implemented by DiGiCo
2003 – Optocore GmbH incorporated
2008 – The Optocore network triples in size
2009 – Introduction of the R-series hardware platform
2012 – The capacity of Optocore is doubled to 2GB
2014 - Optocore devices implemented in DiGiCo fibre system 
2014 - Clear-Com OEMs Optocore technology creating ProGrid series
2015 - Launch of NEW M-Series MADI Switches
2017 - Introduction of the SFX7 OEM module
2018 - Launch of ultimate fiber backbone solution Festival Box
2019 - Optocore Autorouter launch