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OPTOCORE is the concept of Marc Brunke, who conceived of and began development of the system in 1993. Having worked in the field of communications systems and electronics engineering since 1988, Marc Brunke formed OPTOCORE GmbH in 2003 to develop and market the OPTOCORE fiber optic digital network system, as well as develop and supply a complete systematic range of complementary inter-connectable devices.

Due to the initial success a system patent was filed in 1994, marking the start of a decade of audio innovation. OPTOCORE modules were first presented at the Pro Light & Sound trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1996, and released later that same year. Initially came the launch of the first LX4 stage box to be followed by FOH AD/DA units, two years later in 2000 the DD32 was introduced, which provided integration of AES/EBU digital audio signals into the OPTOCORE system.

Ongoing expansion of interfacing options for the OPTOCORE system continued in 2005 with the release of the X6 series of standalone audio AD/DA converters with true 1 dB-step microphone preamplifiers.

Synchronization of the entire OPTOCORE network to an external clock was also realized in 2005 when the DD32E was issued sporting an external word clock input. Innovations continued quickly and strongly in 2006 a year in which the DD6NE Ethernet distribution switch, DD4ME MADI interface, DD8RP repeater/media converter, and YG2 mini-YGDAI module for Yamaha products were all introduced.

Released in 2008 the DD2FE optical MADI interface, was a perfect addition to the OPTOCORE product portfolio, SC multimode fiber optic MADI input and output ports enable transmission of up to 256 channels of digital audio (128 input and 128 output channels), making it the perfect complement to Soundcraft and Studer digital consoles.

2009 OPTOCORE introduced the revolutionary "R" generation series of converters. Contained in a 1RU enclosure the X6R and V3R are signal converter devices, which include either the TP (Twisted Pair) or FX (Fiber Port) feature. Both the TP and FX versions contain the essential components which enable OPTOCORE's new SANE protocol, creating the first fully synchronous CAT5 network solution for streaming and transmitting data in real time. Offering a unique non proprietary open standard transport platform, SANE is the perfect medium for transporting AES/EBU, MADI as well as Ethernet in full scale. Due to a modular approach, multiple options such as, X6R-FX / V3R-FX fiber versions, containing both OPTOCORE fiber, as well as SANE ports (CAT5 / RJ45), in addition to X6R-TP / V3R-TP (CAT5 twisted pair alternatives), the system now has unrivalled and peerless flexibility. Following on from the success of these units, OPTOCORE then improved their established digital interface products, and introduced the DD32R-FX, DD4MR-FX and DD2FR-FX units, which doubled not only the channel capacity of the devices, but also doubled the bandwidth of the system to 2Gbps, while at the same time offering a substantial reduction in the cost of ownership.

Developed and introduced 2004, and extended in 2010, OPTOCORE's "Multiple Emulation Mode" is a unique function which enables multiple third party proprietary digital desks to control the gain and phantom power on OPTOCORE's mic preamps. Achieved by making that desk "recognizable" when it is running in Emulation Mode, which provides" functionality for Lawo, Soundcraft, Studer, Yamaha and SSL consoles.

Continuously growing, the OPTOCORE community expands as an ever increasing number of licensees choose to share in the many benefits offered by the OPTOCORE network, concept and system architecture. Many of the world's most high-profile events and facilities embrace the reliability, scalability, flexibility of the products, as well as the responsive customer support that are at the heart of the OPTOCORE concept and system. Most recently co-operation with the worlds leading innovative intercom manufacturer "Clear-Com" has resulted in a new series of OPTOCORE devices, X6R-FX-INTERCOM for Clear-Com and V3R-FX-INTERCOM for Clear-Com. These devices now give the ability to seamlessly integrate audio with intercom on the OPTOCORE fiber network. Presently OPTOCORE continues to enjoy widespread recognition as the most innovative and outstanding premier name in the fields of modern professional audio, video and data transmission.


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