Here are the most important news items we have published in 2018 on

One of the big successes enjoyed by Optocore over the past 12 months has been the popularity of its AutoRouter.

Following the success of the new Festival Box on the international touring and festival circuit last year, Optocore has responded to feedback by producing the Festival Box Petit, with a revised layout. This will be formally launched at ISE (Booth #7 K190).

Munich based fibre network specialists, Optocore and BroaMan, have announced the promotion of Dawid Somló to Sales Distribution Manager for both brands.

Multichannel video transport between different building locations

German fiber network specialists, Optocore, have appointed Dusseldorf-based United Brands GmbH (United B) as their new German distributors with immediate effect.

Optocore, der deutsche Glasfaser Spezialist, hat United Brands (United B) mit sofortiger Wirkung zu seinem neuen deutschen Distributor ernannt.